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Monarch Butterfly?s Life Cycle and Habitat

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On?July 23, 2015?Zoe Mei and Olivia Rose Rudd will be presenting on the Monarch Butterfly?s life cycle, how to raise Monarch butterflies, and how to create a butterfly-friendly habitat in an hour long presentation. They have raised thousands of butterflies since 2006 and are very happy to be sharing their accumulated knowledge with others who… Read more »

Why Native Bees and Other Pollinators Are Important With Ronald Blaukamp

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For our October 22, 2015 meeting, Ronald Blaukamp presents “Native bees and the various species and identifiers: Is it a bee, a fly, a wasp?” Learn about the various species of pollinators including native bees and what do they need as habitat and forage. Ronald will cover the highlights of the differences between honeybees and… Read more »